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What stage of metamorphosis are you in?

A butterfly begins its life as a common, colorless caterpillar. When it is time, the caterpillar finds a place for change to begin.

During the chrysalis phase, to the outside world, it may seem as if nothing is happening, but it is really a time of rapid transformation!

In 10 short days, this colorless caterpillar sheds its old body parts and emerges as an exquisite, winged creature of delicate beauty! Making the world a better place by pollinating flowers, providing food for other animals, and balancing the ecosystem.

The butterfly is a symbol of hope and transformation, a rebirth, a triumph of the spirit over physical and emotional chains.

If you are on your journey of hope and healing from hurt, please leave a butterfly in the comment box.

I am excited to see your beautiful butterflies!

Keep going, keep healing, keep evolving.

Together, we can triumph by breaking the chains of generational trauma patterns!

Begin your metamorphosis by investing in yourself today:

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Rebecca Beltran
Rebecca Beltran
Nov 11, 2022


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