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Consciously Connected Community

Design and align your life with the help and support of a Facebook Community from all over the world!

What is Included in the Subscription?

Inside the Consciously Connected Facebook Community you will receive a one-year subscription with the following benefits:

  • Friendship with and support from like-minded individuals who are fully engaged with designing the upward path of their life

  • 7 Group Repatternings, seasonally ($847 value)

  • 5 Fun Group Activities ($605 value), each focusing on one of the following subjects:

    • Creativity​

    • Love

    • Empowerment

    • Awareness

    • Relationships

  • Bonus live videos with short transformation exercises ($360 value)

  • Lifetime recordings of the repatternings during your subscription period ($30 value)

You get to choose!

The below programs are free to members of the Consciously Connected Community, and are available for individual purchase at a $121 investment to non-members.  Registration for each session will include a live online group repatterning and a recording to watch at your convenience if you are unable to attend at the live event.

Would you rather:

  1. Join the sessions one at a time? Register below 

  2. Receive all the benefits outlined above in the What's Included section by joining the Community for one year? Register here 


Feel welcome to email me with any questions or concerns:

I look forward to seeing you in the Zoom room and in the Facebook Community!

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