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Media Appearances

Heather is a transformation facilitator, public speaker, workshop and retreat leader.  Her most requested talk From Trauma to Triumph inspires audiences to break the chains of generational trauma patterns by taking charge of their own healing. 


Heather empowers people who have been hurt or mistreated in erasing the beliefs that keep them from feeling love, connection and belonging so they can live the life they wished for but never dreamed they could achieve.

If you or someone you know is looking for an online or in person speaker or workshop leader, please reach out right away!


From Trauma to Triumph

Interested in having Heather speak at your next in-person or virtual event?


Don't let the past define your future

Break free from trauma and limiting beliefs

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THRIVE in 2023

 Build the sand castles of your dreams!


Tap into your inner 


Do you believe you can change your stars?


Leveraging your subconscious for joy

Learn how the unconscious mind stores trauma


Increasing your self-worth after abuse

Learn tips and tricks for recovering from abuse

I recently had the most incredible opportunity to hear Heather tell her story and present at our Professional Development Series through the Billings Chamber. Heather presented her story of triumph with grace and relatability. Her presentation allowed each person in the room to have a chance to open their hearts. Heather’s story empowered each of us! I remember leaving after the presentation that day with a completely different mindset – one that was more positive and one that finally found the source for strength and resilience. Heather, we so appreciate you taking the time to present to our group of professionals! Your story showed each of us the importance of mental health, mental toughness, resilience, and so much more.


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