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Are You Tired of Living in Pain?

Discover Relief with Our Fibromyalgia Free Solutions!

Living with fibromyalgia is a daily struggle. The constant pain, fatigue, and brain fog can make even the simplest tasks feel overwhelming.


Conventional treatments may provide temporary relief, but they often come with unwanted side effects and fail to address the root cause of the condition.

Stomach Pain
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What would it mean to you to be fibromyalgia free?

Because I once suffered these debilitating symptoms, I understand the challenges you face, which is why I now offer a holistic approach and solution to fibromyalgia management. This program is designed to provide long-lasting relief by addressing the underlying root cause of the imbalances in your body and your lifestyle.

It worked for me, and it will work for you, too. 

The struggle was real...

Hi, I’m Heather McAbee, Owner of Shifting Sands Holistic Healing.


Looking back, I realize I suffered from fibromyalgia my whole life:


  • I tired much more easily than the other kids

  • I had multiple areas on my body that felt tender or painful to be touched

  • My digestive system was out of whack with IBS

After a major traumatic event when I was 31, the symptoms went into full rage mode. Walking up a long flight of stairs… going grocery shopping… I  was so exhausted. I would cry in the shower because washing my hair made my hair follicles hurt. I resisted snuggling my children because their touch felt so painful.

I didn’t want to keep living like this, do you?

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What if you were given the tools to clear the symptoms from your body?


Imagine a pain-free life filled with health and joy!

A life where you can do things like this:

  • Manage simple daily tasks - such as showering, getting dressed, and preparing meals - with ease

  • Have restful sleep and wake up refreshed

  • Have energy to play with your kids or grandkids

  • Make plans with friends (and feel good enough to keep them!)

  • Maintain a regular work schedule

  • Keep up with household chores without assistance 

  • Drive long-distances to see a relative, pain free

  • Enjoy a hobby - Garden, craft or play sports again

I invite you to participate in this experiential virtual program!

Introducing: Fibromyalgia Free® -

From ache to alleviate

Get to the root - Let's dig in!


If we had negative, painful and/ or abusive experiences, especially if we had those experiences as a child, adrenaline and cortisol get released into our bodies and then become trapped.  It is my belief that fibromyalgia symptoms are the result of this trapped adrenaline and cortisol – wreaking havoc on our body systems.


This educational, online program Fibromyalgia Free: From Ache to Alleviate is about gently exploring some of those painful past experiences and releasing them.  In doing so, it is my belief (and my experience) that the fibromyalgia symptoms will also be released from the body.

“I have gained information on both nutritional and mental processes that can assist me in feeling better. The visualization helped me the most, then the tapping. I am calmer, and have much less deep anger.”

The Nitty Gritty Details

I have been fibromyalgia free since 2022!  And my clients are experiencing the same results! No more medication, no more dull, achy muscles, no more pain with touch. It is simply the best! 

I am so excited to share with you the system I developed to help you feel this way, too. 

This holistic program addresses the needs of the:

  • physical body

  • mental body

  • emotional body

  • and even your community needs

This is your blueprint for being Fibromyalgia Free: 

  • Comprehensive Success Book with detailed recommendations

  • 7 videos sessions to work at your own pace

  • Integration and processing activities

  • A convenient tool to track your success from start to finish

  • Bonus: Writing protocol for reduction of auto-immune disorders

Fibromyalgia does not have to be a life sentence

There is a way out

Get your life back! 


You have everything to gain!

Whether you've been recently diagnosed or have been struggling with this condition for years, this program is designed to help you find relief and reclaim your health.


In this step-by-step guide, you'll discover:


  • The underlying causes of fibromyalgia and how to address them

  • Holistic approaches to managing pain and fatigue

  • Mind-body techniques to reduce stress and improve sleep

  • Nutritional strategies to support your body's healing process

  • Lifestyle changes that can make a significant impact on your symptoms

  • And much more!

Free Yourself from Fibromyalgia:
Discover a New Path to Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there a guarantee? This is an educational program and each person has their own experience. The protocol has been carefully tested to ensure optimal results, however results are not guaranteed.

2. Can I get my money back? Due to the nature of this being a digital program and information being used and/ or downloaded, there is no offer for refund at any time.

3. Is this a medically run program? I am not a medical doctor and I am not a nutritionist. These are protocols that I used to clear my own symptoms and protocols I believe will benefit you, too. If at any time, you do not feel comfortable, please reach out to your medical doctor.

Say goodbye to the days of feeling hopeless and defeated by fibromyalgia.

Take charge of your health

Start living the life you deserve

Say hello to a future free from fibromyalgia symptoms.


Don't wait any longer.

Start your journey from ache to alleviate today!

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