Heal Your Relationship With Money

Money is a mirror where we are not standing in our own self-worth.

What do you see in your reflection?

Repercussions of a worldwide pandemic
  • 77% of Americans report feeling anxious about their financial situation

  • 77% of Americans feel they are underpaid

  • 58% feel that finances control their lives

  • 52% have difficulty controlling their money-related worries


Americans are most worried about their financial future, which includes: not having enough money to retire (68%), keeping up with the cost of living (56%) and managing debt levels (45%).

And the impact financial stress has on Americans stretches into all aspects of life with respondents saying they feel fatigued (43%), find it difficult to concentrate at work (42%) and have trouble sleeping (41%). A quarter of respondents (25%) said financial stress affects their relationships.

Credit Card Purchase

My bank loves me.

They told me my credit card balance is outstanding!

The impact of chronic debt is psychological, not just financial.  Chronic debt impairs psychological functioning and decision-making, contributing to the poverty trap.  Those with more debt accounts paid off experience greater improvements in cognitive functioning and have less anxiety.

Pampas Grass

Upgrade your money operating systems and

take a huge step in your personal power.

Upgrade Your Money Operating System

If you knew that your entire personal financial picture is based on a structure that you built based on your beliefs, rules, and ways of operating - and many of these "rules" were created based on how your parents viewed money, or how you reacted to your parents view of money - how would that knowledge change your financial picture?

What you think about money, isn't really about money itself. Childhood traumas, parental examples and attitudes, religious and societal belief systems all play into your money issues in the present.  

If your current money mirror reflection is not ideal, or you are ready to increase your value, these structures or systems need to be deconstructed so you can build one based on your own views and create a new wealth reality that supports your real life and purpose. 

What to expect

Blocks and limiting beliefs about money completely dictate your entire wealth picture - income, savings, goals, and debt.  At the core of limiting beliefs, struggles and self-sabotage are negative vows made unconsciously around money and wealth - most originated long ago and are long forgotten on a conscious level.

In this program, you will:

  • Recognize where your money blocks come from

  • Reveal your real beliefs and emotions about money

  • Examine hidden fears about the downside to having money 

  • Realize how you sabotage your ability to increase your wealth

  • Shift your subconscious beliefs about the limit of how much money you should have

  • Create and establish new behaviors and new ways of thinking

  • Establish confidence to speak up about the value of your work

  • Create opportunity for money to flow freely into your life in great quantities

  • Take control of your finances by tracking your monthly income and expenses

  • Create yearly goals for yourself and establish a path to achieve them

  • Enjoy financial independence

Holding Bills
Take control

When you take control of your money, you take control of your life.  The clearer you are about what you want, the greater your chances are to achieve it.


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself "What do I want for my financial future?"  

How often do we spend time worrying about what everyone else wants?  Sometimes our own needs and wants are dismissed as silly, selfish, and even too grandiose.

Do you know exactly what your monthly earnings are?  Do you know exactly where you spent your money each month?  Having this knowledge is critical to upleveling your income!

Some words that my clients have used to describe how they would feel when they handle their money effectively are “confident in life, free from worry, like an adult, I have high value, I have personal self-worth" and more.

The first step toward taking control of your money is to know exactly what your earnings are and exactly what your expenditures are. 

I customize easy to use financial worksheets for each client, so they can do just this.*

Overcoming Under-Earning

How often have you found yourself thinking: “I wish I made more money!”...

followed by a sigh and an expression of  “someday… someday…”

There is no someday - this is it!  This is the day to start turning your vague desire into deep-seated commitment.  You get to make dynamic, helpful plans so you manifest your goals.


This is the day to shift from building castles in the air, to laying a solid foundation.  This is the day to start breaking through your barriers and bolster your earnings! 

Under-earning is not a life sentence - overcoming it is more in your control than you realize.  It’s never too late to start and the reward for your efforts will reach far beyond money.

--Barbara Stanny


This program is for you if

You are ready to take control of your finances

You are ready to level up your income

You are ready to have ease and flow in your life around money

You are an entreprenuer or small business owner 

You are interested in achieving greater things