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Heal Your Relationship With Money

Money is a mirror where we are not standing in our own self-worth.

What do you see in your reflection?

Repercussions of a worldwide pandemic
  • 77% of Americans report feeling anxious about their financial situation

  • 77% of Americans feel they are underpaid

  • 58% feel that finances control their lives

  • 52% have difficulty controlling their money-related worries


Americans are most worried about their financial future, which includes: not having enough money to retire (68%), keeping up with the cost of living (56%) and managing debt levels (45%).

And the impact financial stress has on Americans stretches into all aspects of life with respondents saying they feel fatigued (43%), find it difficult to concentrate at work (42%) and have trouble sleeping (41%). A quarter of respondents (25%) said financial stress affects their relationships.

Credit Card Purchase

My bank loves me.

They told me my credit card balance is outstanding!

The impact of chronic debt is psychological, not just financial.  Chronic debt impairs psychological functioning and decision-making, contributing to the poverty trap.  Those with more debt accounts paid off experience greater improvements in cognitive functioning and have less anxiety.