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Consciously Connected
Design and Align Your Life!
January 11-18, 2025

Do you feel like somewhere along the way, you lost sight of who you really are?

Would you love to find a way to connect with yourself, your dreams and your loved ones all at the same time?


Get ready to connect with your

love, joy and passion

for life, work and relationships!

Photo from 01/2024 retreat

Many of the beliefs we have that control how we feel and behave were decided FOR us when we were very young. The cycles of self-sabotage, fear and isolation CAN be shifted!


You already know that you have the ability to live at a higher level. It’s time to consciously design and align your life!  It’s time to choose now to Consciously Connect with yourself and your loved ones!


Join us for a week of cozy, comfortable accommodations, healthy, delicious meals, and guided self-care practices as you gain the tools to Consciously Connect!

You know that in order to:

  • establish inner peace

  • calm the chaos of life and work

  • create more in your business

  • obtain and sustain healthy, fulfilling relationships with yourself and others

  • maintain your physical, mental, emotional health

you need to take some time to rekindle, restore and reconnect with your true self, your needs, your dreams and your feelings of belonging.


This week of sincere, concentrated effort will empower you to elevate all aspects of your life.

Retreat Imagine laughing, loving, and living openly and freely!

What if you had the tools to get in touch with your true self and reconnect with your dreams?

What if you could find a balance between chasing your dreams and sustaining healthy, loving relationships?

Photo from 09/2022 retreat

You are invited to Imagine....

  • laughing, loving, and living as your true self - openly and freely!

  • rebuilding yourself and feeling healthy from the inside out - feeling whole once again!

  • having your brain rewired to love the person it resides in!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect to yourself in seven short days! Experience a revitalized, refocused, reenergized you! Picture the transformative effect on your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Embrace a new sense of self and see how your connections flourish!


  • Understand the impact of your past thoughts, experiences, and feelings on your current health and energy levels…

  • Cultivate the deep, meaningful connections you've always longed for…

  • Learn to consciously foster connections that are effortless, lasting, and enriching…

  • Cultivate loving relationships with both yourself and others…


I have something for you!

Consciously Connected - Design and align your life!

"Heather with Shifting Sands helped me re-center, find my balance, reset my emotions, and encounter the best friendships I have ever had in less than one week! Taking time to be with them, helping me, is the best thing I have ever done for myself."

Coni F.

What is included at a Consciously Connected retreat
  • Expertly guided Repatterning sessions

  • Gentle, guided movement practices, including aerial yoga

  • Quiet connection with nature

  • Assisted meditative practices

  • Self-care supportive tools to take home with you

  • Delightful space to take in beauty and relaxation 

  • Connection to others through enlightening group activities

  • Opportunity to integrate and connect to yourself

  • Individual support as needed

  • Transportation to and from airport to venue, includes a boat ride!

  • Cozy, comfortable accommodations

  • Daily housekeeping and turn down service

  • Locally inspired, delectable, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked with love

  • Aromatic morning cinnamon coffee, tea and refreshing snacks

  • Daily gratuities for staff

In this 7-day journey you will have opportunity to

dive deep, connect with your true self, and connect with each other. 


You will be given the tools to…

  • Identify, release and reframe limiting beliefs and unconscious ways of being

  • Free yourself from old patterns of guilt, shame and unworthiness

  • Eradicate the feelings attached to painful past experiences

  • Develop resonance with safe, healthy connections

  • Understand what underlies your physical, emotional, mental and relationship problems that keep you from truly connecting

  • Reconnect with the vision and dreams of who you are 

  • Attain self-mastery

  • Attain self-healing

  • Restore who you are and what you do

Welcome to a world where your Conscious Connection

illuminates your transformation!

At Consciously Connected, you will be immersed in self-exploration.  You will be expertly guided to innate answers and sustainable practices that cultivate lasting change.

Photo from 04/2023 retreat

DSC_0228 - Copy.JPG

Here are the words my clients have used to express their

personal growth and self-discovery during our week of Conscious Connection:

  • Strength

  • Commitment

  • Creativity

  • On the right path

  • Adventurous side

  • Fun side

  • Ability to make connections

  • Clarity

  • Closure

  • Ownership

  • Pride

  • Direction

  • Inspiration

  • Eager

Enter as you are, emerge happier, stronger, healthier, and laser-focused on your next chapter!


Investment for your seven-day all-inclusive retreat is an unbelievable price of $2,900 (triple occupancy)

** Total value of this retreat is $7,899 per person **


$599 deposit

Payment plan arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis

and must be paid in full by October 1

Deeply connected to the land, MIXTO is designed to enhance your feeling of reconnection with nature.

Each levels of the Villa displays a new magical setting: 4 cozy and peaceful rooms overlooking the ocean, a pool meant for rest while you contemplate the ocean.

120V outlets and WIFI in the room.

Single Occupancy: $4,200 (SOLD OUT)

Double Occupancy: $2,200 (2 remaining)

Triple Occupancy: $2,900 (3 remaining)

Please keep in mind, this is a retreat for men and women.  We will do our best to pair you with a same sex roommate.  Please contact me with questions or to check availability before booking.

Earthy and sophisticated, rooms include a private beach & jungle oasis with the frills of a boutique hotel.

At the top, 2 dreamlike penthouses with an elegant bed and a magic palapa roof, overlooking the ocean.

120V outlets and WIFI in the room.

Single Occupancy: $5,500 (SOLD OUT)

Double Occupancy: $3,900 

Triple Occupancy: $3,500 (SOLD OUT)

Please keep in mind, this is a retreat for men and women.  We will do our best to pair you with a same sex roommate.  Please contact me with questions or to check availability before booking.


Photo from Mixto beach

Daily Schedule Example

7:00-7:30 Aromatic morning coffee, yogurt, granola, and fruit

8:00-10:00 Inviting repatterning process and playful movement practice

10:00-11:00 Delightful family style group breakfast

11:00-4:30 Free time

2:30-3:30 Delectable family style group luncheon

4:30-6:30 Inspiring repatterning process

7:30-8:30 Delicious family style group dinner

* Two days we will enjoy a group activity during Free time

** One day we will have the entire day off for play, integration and/ or

Xinalani (sister property) lead excursion

  • Assistance with luggage from the beach to your room

  • Group jungle trek to Quimixto waterfall (bring good walking shoes)

  • Shaman led Temezcal experience

  • Gentle Reiki healing session while cradled in the aerial silk

  • Daily housekeeping and turndown service

  • 1:1 and group support staff available everyday

  • Xinalani sponsored evening activities

  • Make new friends on the warm water while kayaking

  • Explore what is under the waves with unlimited use of snorkel equipment

  • A thoughtful gift from your host