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Consciously Connected
Design and align your life!
January 20-27, 2024

Do you feel like somewhere along the way, you lost sight of who you really are?

Would you love to find a way to connect with yourself, your dreams and your loved ones all at the same time?

Loneliness is on the rise, and evidence points to the fact that the bonds you have with people and how connected you feel to others, impacts your physical health as well as your emotional health.

Loneliness is on the rise, and evidence points to the fact that the bonds you have with people and how connected you feel to others, impacts your physical health as well as your emotional health.

If you answered yes to the above questions,

then Consciously Connected retreat is for you!

Get ready to connect with your love, joy and passion for life, work and relationships! Many of the beliefs we have that control how we feel and behave were decided FOR us when we were very young. The cycles of self-sabotage, fear and isolation CAN be shifted!


You already know that you have the ability to live at a higher level. It’s time to consciously design and align your life!  It’s time to choose now to Consciously Connect with yourself and your loved ones!


Join us for a week of cozy, comfortable accommodations, healthy, delicious meals, and guided self-care practices as you gain the tools to Consciously Connect!

Have you sensed an increase in your disconnection in an age of increased “connection” through social media platforms?

Does this make you feel lonely? 


You know that in order to:

  • Establish inner peace and calm the chaos of life and work

  • create more in your business

  • obtain and sustain healthy fulfilling relationships with yourself and others

  • maintain your physical, mental, emotional health

you need to take some time to rekindle, restore and reconnect with your true self, your needs, your dreams and your feelings of belonging. This week of sincere, concentrated effort will help you establish maximum connectedness and thereby elevate all aspects of your life.

Retreat Imagine laughing, loving, and living openly and freely!

What if you had the tools to get in touch with your true self and reconnect with your dreams?

What if you could find a balance between chasing your dreams and sustaining healthy, loving relationships?

Photo from 09/2022 retreat

Imagine laughing, loving, and living openly and freely!

Imagine feeling physically healthy from the inside out, having energy, vitality and inspiration to get out of bed in the morning!

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to connect to yourself in seven short days! Imagine how your relationships with your family, friends and colleagues would change!

If you want to learn:

  • how your past thoughts, experiences and feelings affect the health and energy you experience today…

  • to create and build the connection you’ve wished for but never dreamed to be possible…

  • to consciously create connections in a way that is easy, sustainable and fulfilling…

  • to nurture loving relationships with yourself and others…


We have something for you!

Consciously Connected - Design and align your life!

Here's what some people have said about our processes

Coni F.

Heather with Shifting Sands helped me re-center, find my balance, reset my emotions, and encounter the best friendships I have ever had in less than one week! Taking time to be with them, helping me, is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Clare S.

Attending this retreat facilitated by Heather ... was a life changing decision for myself. Dedicating an entire week to health and healing myself was nothing I’ve ever done before. (They) created an extremely safe, loving environment where I felt supported as I worked through past hurts and trauma. I felt extremely safe with Heather as I was guided through releasing old negative beliefs ... Overall, I’d recommend anyone and everyone to experience this retreat ... Thank you both for everything!


This was one of the top retreats I've ever been to! The processes were EXTRAORDINARILY impactful! I loved how an environment was quickly created to allow us to be open as well as to heal. As a group, we made a very quick connection and bond. It was so amazing to draw from that throughout the week! This is an absolutely-go-if-you-have-the-chance-100%-go-go-go-you'll-thank-yourself-for-doing-it retreat. I will DEFINITELY see you at the next one!

Rainya T.

Retreat was a gift to myself that was long overdue. (They) are exceptional at what they do. Their kind, open and loving approach provided me the nurturing I needed to take a deeper look at myself. Would recommend this to anyone ready to create change and growth in their life.

Shawn P.

Heather has a remarkable ability to allow her clients to dive deep into what they are feeling, all the while holding a space for them to feel extraordinary safe…even in a group setting. The bonds between us as her students on this retreat were formed nearly immediately and were nothing short of astounding. I know I’ve made lifetime friends with them already.

What is included at a Consciously Connected retreat
  • Expertly guided Repatterning sessions

  • Gentle, guided movement practices, including aerial yoga

  • Quiet connection with nature

  • Assisted meditative practices

  • Self-care supportive tools to take home with you

  • Delightful space to take in beauty and relaxation 

  • Connection to others through enlightening group activities

  • Opportunity to integrate and connect to yourself

  • Individual support as needed

  • Transportation to and from airport to venue, includes a boat ride!

  • Cozy, comfortable accommodations

  • Daily housekeeping and turn down service

  • Locally inspired, delectable, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked with love

  • Aromatic morning coffee, tea and snacks

  • Daily gratuities for staff

In this 7-day journey you will have opportunity to

dive deep, connect with your true self, and connect with each other. 


You will be given the tools to…

  • Identify, release and reframe limiting beliefs and unconscious ways of being

  • Free yourself from old patterns of guilt, shame and unworthiness

  • Eradicate the feelings attached to painful past experiences

  • Develop resonance with safe, healthy connections

  • Understand what underlies your physical, emotional, mental and relationship problems that keep you from truly connecting

  • Reconnect with the vision and dreams of who you are 

  • Attain self-mastery

  • Attain self-healing

  • Restore who you are and what you do

Photo from 04/2023 retreat

DSC_0228 - Copy.JPG

Many processes address the conscious mind and some even the subconscious mind.  These are places we have fairly quick and easy access to memories and events.

When we look to establish true and lasting change, we need to dive deep into the unconscious mind.  The job of the unconscious mind is to hide or bury pieces of our most painful experiences as a way to protect us.

With our processes, we are able to gently and effectively reach the unconscious mind, providing real and lasting change for our lives!

At Consciously Connected, you will be immersed in self-exploration.  You will be expertly guided to innate answers and sustainable practices that cultivate lasting change.


Welcome to a world where your Conscious Connection illuminates your transformation!

Committing to these processes has been compared to more than 4.5 years of weekly counseling! Imagine how quickly your connections will change when you receive years of healing in one week’s time!


Investment for your seven-day retreat is variable from $2,265 to $5,515.

** Total value of this retreat is $8,334 per person **

Today’s discounted price is listed below per room and occupancy 

** VIP pricing available for previous retreat members. 

 Please contact Heather for your special discount! **

November 15, 2023: prices go up and are subject to availability.

Take advantage of early bird pricing today!

Co-ed dorm-style room with wonderful, high up ocean and jungle views. They’re nestled high up on the mountain where the air flow is enriching and cleansing. There are two beautiful bathrooms with open-air showers, every bed has a high quality mosquito net, night stand and drawer organizer under the bed. This is the best option for budget-savvy travelers. 120V outlets and WIFI in the room.

Multiple Occupancy: $2,265

Please keep in mind, this is a co-ed dorm style room with 8 twin size beds. Please contact me with questions before booking.

Deluxe rooms are cozy and perfect for single travelers, two friends, or budget-savvy couples. They feature one king bed with beautiful mosquito netting, a table with two chairs, hammock, a spacious bathroom, open-air shower and sitting desk. 120V outlets and WIFI in the room.

Single Occupancy: $3,490

Double Occupancy: $2,615

Double occupancy can only be booked with two people who book at the same time and are willing to share a bed.

Eco Chic Suites are small casitas with amazing ocean and jungle views. They are equipped with one king size bed or two double beds with beautiful mosquito netting. They feature a private terrace, hammock, closet, zen sitting area and a private bathroom. 120V outlets and WIFI in the room.

Single Occupancy: $4,855 

Double Occupancy: $3,298

Please keep in mind, this is a retreat for men and women.  If you select Double occupancy and register with a friend, we will do our best to pair you together.  If you select Double occupancy and register as a solo, we will do our best to pair you with a same sex roommate.  Please contact me with questions or to check availability before booking.