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Meeting Yourself Again 

From hurt to healing

Don’t let your past define your future! 


What if you could make peace with your uncomfortable past? Softening, relaxing, allowing you to change your future trajectory to calm, clear and confident?

Calm Woman
Confident Woman

Would you like to go from uncertain to confident in all aspects of your life?

When you take the opportunity to heal from past hurts, the rest of your life will fall into alignment. Your emotional, mental and physical health, and your relationships with yourself and others will all benefit from investing in yourself and doing the healing work.

The struggle is real...

Have you ever experienced negative voices in your mind like this:

  • I’ll never be good enough

  • I look so ugly

  • I can never do anything right

  • Everything is always my fault

  • I feel so guilty

  • I'm afraid to let anyone see the real me

  • No one ever listens to me

  • Everyone is out to get me

  • I don't belong

  • This will never get better

Perhaps these thoughts seem to run on a repetitive loop in intimate partnerships and in other environments, such as at work.

You know that in order to find peace with the past hurt, you need to recognize and shift out of the underlying unconscious patterns that are keeping you stuck. A pattern, or belief, can easily be shifted once we discover what it is, and what we want instead.  


It's time to get to the root cause of why you cannot maintain health in all areas of your life.

Smiling Man

Imagine if your life could have some of this:

  • Waking up in the morning without dread

  • Feeling excitement for your plans

  • Experiencing the day without panic attacks

  • Feeling continuously calm

  • Experiencing social situations without worry

  • Feeling connected to friends and intimate partners

  • Making decisions without regret

  • Feeling trust in yourself and others

  • Experiencing life without a slump or stagnation

  • Having confidence in your step

What if you could have all of this?  What if this was the new norm? What do you believe would change in your self-esteem and your relationships?  How grateful would you be to no longer have the negative mind-chatter running in the background?  

I'm sharing this with you because I know it's possible. 

This is not only what I have experienced, it is what my clients have experienced. 

"Every second with Heather is life altering for the best. I've had more positive growth in the past 8 mo. than I have in my entire existence. I will forever be grateful to Heather and her assistance in my healing journey."  -- D.K.

If you want to learn how to go from inconsistent self-worth and inconsistent self-confidence to calm, clear and connected within yourself, I have something for you..


Introducing: Meeting Yourself Again® -

From hurt to healing

In this discovery program you will experience:

  • One on one sessions tailored around your specific trigger points

  • Clarity and achievement of your goals for a peaceful, confident life

  • Quickly break free of your negative mind chatter

  • Eradicate negative feelings that are keeping you stuck

  • Rewire new coherent behaviors in relationship

  • Understand and meet your childhood needs

  • Establish positive, lasting change in your life

I am so grateful that I heard Heather share her amazing story of healing which gave me the courage and impetus to work with her. 
Heather's gentle and supportive spirit, wisdom and skills helped me to navigate unconscious child trauma that has been impacting me in the here and now.
This has been a very holistic experience that has helped me improve my mental health, physical health (back pain and sore throat specifically) as well as relationships at home and work. It also helped me work through writing blockages as I pursued my goal of writing a memoir.



       on your path to feeling relieved, relaxed and hopeful for your future.

Here’s what you get inside of Meeting Yourself Again® - From hurt to healing:


The six steps to CLEARR are as follows:


Each of the first five modules contain seven one on one transformational sessions. One Bonus day is included following these modules. We work together for 36 one on one sessions, over the course of one year, culminating in an all-inclusive week-long retreat in paradise filled with many group repatterning sessions.

What to Expect

  • Become balanced

  • Handle challenging situations with confidence

  • Clear negative thought patterns