Meeting Yourself Again 

Healing from hurt

When you take the opportunity to heal yourself from hurt and mistreatment, the rest of your life will fall into alignment. Your weight, your physical health, your finances, and your relationships will all benefit from the healing work.

Underlying unconscious patterns are the root cause of why we can not maintain health in all areas of our lives. A pattern, or belief, can easily be shifted once we discover what it is, and what we want instead.

Love Yourself

The Meeting Yourself Again program is completely tailored around your specific trigger points and goals for your health and your life.


Over 12 weeks we will work together to understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and learn techniques which allow you to break free from negative patterns.

We will also discover positive patterns and unmet underlying needs that will create positive change in your life.

What to expect

  • Discover how to become balanced so that you can handle challenging situations with confidence

  • Clear negative thought patterns and create new beliefs to feel supported, loved and connected with yourself and in your relationships

  • Become energized by the sounds around you - allowing them to recharge your body-mind system

  • Re-examine your self-image and discover the freedom to choose and create new beliefs about yourself

  • Discover how to accept and love yourself as you are

  • Rediscover how to express yourself creatively and with joy

  • Discover how to attain and sustain higher levels of well-being, happiness and  success

  • Feel empowered to be safely in touch with your feelings and body sensations

  • Attain a new sense of acceptance, love, peace and joy from within

  • Learn how to have empowering relationships where you feel respected and protected by your partner, feeling open and safe - giving the best of yourself and receiving the best abundantly. 


  • You will have access to 1-on-1 email support as needed throughout the course

  • We will have an extra meeting together 6 weeks after completing the course to see how you are progressing, and formulate any needed plans for continuing to work on yourself

  • You will automatically become a VIP member, where you will have a free subscription to the Living With Intention 2022 7-part series and you will gain access to additional courses on relationships, wealth, weight loss and more.

Why working with me is unique:

I use the Heather McAbee Method, combined with drawing on my own real life experiences to discover the secrets and proven techniques for overcoming hurt and mistreatment at an unconscious level.  At this level, we can quickly and easily get to the root or seed moment in time of when a problem originated, allowing for immediate and lasting resolution. 

Girl with Arms Stretched Out
I object! ... Or do I??

I know that some of you feel like you don’t have the time or the money to commit to taking care of yourself, or maybe you have tried other healing methods and not seen the results you were looking for.  However, keep in mind that when you heal the root causes of your current problems through my Meeting Yourself Again process, everything in your life improves.  You will be more present for your family and your children, you will feel more valued in your work and business, and you will feel contentment and peace in your relationships.

The benefits of one session with me is equal to 6 months of weekly counseling.  With that perspective, the results you could experience within this 12 week program would take you 13 years of weekly counseling.  I can tell you from my personal experience - after one session, I made more progress than I had in four years of counseling.  I began to connect the dots from early childhood experiences and the challenges of today.  I began to feel excitement for future possibilities, hope for healing on a deeper level, and started to take back my power in circumstances that previously felt out of my control.


Would you like to experience immediate, lasting breakthroughs in only 1/4 of a years time?

Still not quite ready?

Feeling a little uneasy about booking the entire series?

I understand that it can be difficult to book a three month course and be unsure if it is the right fit for you.  I want you to feel confident in your decision to invest in yourself!  


Please set your mind at ease by scheduling this 1-1 introductory session.  We will spend time easing your fears, orienting you for a clear vision of how you would like to feel, and give you some experience of how powerful and quickly life changing this work can be.