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Client Rights

Please read the following information carefully as it provides you, the client receiving a session in the Heather McAbee Method®, with important information you need to know concerning your session, its scope and the level of training attained by your practitioner, as well as certain personal needs you may have.

  1. The Heather McAbee Method® is not a medical practice or a traditional psychological method,  although it is aligned with energy psychology and energy medicine and works with the energetic foundation that impacts our psychological and physical states. 

  2. The Heather McAbee Method® identifies and transforms any unconscious patterns you resonate with that create limitations you may be experiencing. The Heather McAbee Method®  facilitates a natural state of well being or coherence, which research has shown to generate beneficial results at the physical, emotional and mental levels. 

  3. Only with your permission does your Heather McAbee Method® practitioner use the muscle checking technique, also known as Applied or Energy Kinesiology. Muscle checking involves a gentle contact on your arm and sometimes a contact over the belly button to identify what you resonate with that is maintaining a non-coherent state of limitation and to confirm the positive change in resonance. 

  4. Your practitioner will also muscle check on him/herself to identify the Modality needed to transform negative resonance patterns so you can move to a higher energy state of coherence. 

  5. Muscle checking is only used during your Heather McAbee Method® session. After the completion of your session your practitioner will only muscle check for you by proxy or over the phone with your permission. 

  6. The Heather McAbee Method® muscle checking technique cannot be used as a tool for making a decision for you, such as whether you need an operation or not, or to diagnose a disease condition, or identify if a medical prescription is correct or not, or to find out whether an abuse experience “really happened” and with whom. It only checks for what you resonate with and for what will support a higher energy state of coherence. 

  7. The Heather McAbee Method® Modalities and the muscle checking technique may require some touch.  If you have any concerns, no matter for what reason, you are welcome to honor your feelings and request a substitute contact, or no contact, or a substitute Modality.  

  8. In all Heather McAbee Method® sessions the client remains fully clothed.  

  9. Your session is confidential, according to the Code of Ethics and practice.

  10. You are welcome to see the Practitioner Seminar Attendance record to appreciate the extent of the certified practitioner’s training.

By checking the box in the Intake form, I certify that I have read and understood the above and take full responsibility for my own well-being and understand that for all medical or psychological concerns I am responsible for consulting the health care practitioner(s) of my choice. 

Latest modification: February 18, 2024

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