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Shifting Sands is invested in making sure that clients are happy with the services I offer. Please take a look at what some of my past clients have said about their experiences working with me and let me know if you have any questions!


Heather’s talent with Resonance Repatterning is nothing short of astounding! I have experienced amazing breakthroughs and results with the work we have done together. This work has the potential to change lives!

S. P.

I knew our inner thoughts were powerful so I was focused on being aware of what I was 'saying' to myself. What I didn't realize is that I couldn't hear what my subconscious was saying. It encompassed me as a whole and I couldn't find them on my own. I didn't know why I would make such amazing progress only to eventually end up back where I was. I tried so hard. This, this here, has given me real peace and joy again. I can move forward and make REAL progress. Thank you!

C. M.

My preteen son was having some negative thinking and after one session a few months ago they went away and they haven't returned. We are so happy with the results.

A. N.

Dearest Heather, 
I want to say "Thank You" again for a great session.  I wish everyone could experience a session with you!  There are so many things in life that cause these blocks. And most of them are not brought on by our free-will.  Our sessions with you have shown us areas in our life that needed repair... You helped us in finding the holes!  Looking forward to having another session soon!  Many thanks, Take care.

M.P. and T.P.

My experience with Heather’s offering is something that is very personal and very important to me and my wellbeing. I SO look forward to my next session!!



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