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What does back pain actually mean? Part 2

back pain relief

Have you ever experienced physical pain in your body?

If I were to ask an audience to raise their hand, if they would answer "yes" to this question, I bet 100% in attendance would have their hand in the air every time.

In today's Western Society, we have been conditioned to pop a pill anytime we have a headache or a backache or any pain. But what if physical pain is actually your body "telling" you that something is out of sorts emotionally?

What if physical pain is an indicator that your emotional and mental bodies are not at ease?

If this is true, then popping a pill is masking the actual problem. When we mask the actual problem and do not address the root case, in the long run, we will do more harm as the root problem will exacerbate in the background. (More on this in the next blog!)

There are many aspects and systems running in the body that need to be considered for a holistic approach to any sort of pain.

Below are some of the systems that continually run in the background of the body, without us even noticing:

  1. Sympathetic nervous system

  2. Parasympathetic nervous system

  3. Masculine and feminine/ Yin-Yang system

  4. Chakra system

  5. Meridian system

"If they are running, without my noticing, how in the world would they affect my physical health?"

The job of the unconscious mind is to protect and hide, or bury, pieces of our most painful experiences as a way to protect us. The mind prioritizes avoiding emotional distress over increasing physical distress.

Our bodies are so fascinating!


Dr. John Sarno wrote a few fabulous books about the interaction between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind that produces mind-body disorders. He studied at great length how back pain is very often the result of repressed anger.

Check out a couple of his books here and let me know what you think!


Dr. Sarno developed a program to release the repressed emotion from the patient's body and the result was that the pain disappeared! Patients that had been told by more than one physician that they would need back surgery, no longer needed surgery after completing his program! Fascinating!

healthy back


Have you ever considered your physical pain as an indicator of emotional dis-ease? If so, what did you do to move the emotional dis-ease out of your body? Did it relieve the physical pain?

If you have not done either, are you curious about learning more?

Please leave me a comment below and let’s start a discussion about this immense topic!

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