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Pain to Possibility, Part 1

How trauma affects your health

Have you ever felt so tired, getting dressed seemed daunting or luminous?

Would you like to get to a place where physical and mental tiredness is a thing of the past and you feel joyful and vibrant?

When we experience hurt, mis-treatment and traumatic events, there is an imprint left on the body due to the hormonal changes that occur in response to the events.

When we are under stress, cortisol is released from the brain and starts running rampant throughout our system. Adrenaline is released from the kidneys. These are both essential hormones for our day to day function, but when they are released in conjunction with a traumatic experience the effect on our bodies is very different.

These hormones, when looked at under a microscope, look like sharp razor blades. Can you imagine what continual sharp razor blades would do to a piece of paper? Imagine that happening inside your body to your muscles, your bones and your joints. The end result is sickness or dis-ease: poor health, cancers, inflammatory diseases like fibromyalgia and more.

Unprocessed stressful events from my childhood, ended up with me receiving a medical diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The resulting symptoms were debilitating! When walking 2/3 up a long flight of stairs, I would have to lift my “heavy” leg one at a time to keep moving to the top. If it was a grocery shopping day, I could drive to town, shop, load the car, drive home, and then have to take a two hour nap before I could even have the energy to unload the car. I had no energy to play outside with my kids, some days even getting dressed seemed luminous and daunting. I began a stringent protocol, which included twice daily medication.

Last year, I decided that I no longer wanted to take medication for the fibromyalgia diagnosis. I was high functioning on the protocol that I was on but I knew to be free of the disease, I needed to do more work on those root/ seed moments when the adrenaline and cortisol were not properly released from my body. In less than a year, I healed my own fibromyalgia through energetic work! I am free of medications, pain, and overall body heaviness, and what a joy - I can shop, unload and put groceries away all within a few hours time and still have energy left over to make dinner or play with my kids.

I’d love the opportunity to discuss your personal needs for recovery from stress related illness and dis-ease. Please reach out - I am here to serve and support you!

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