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Change your mind, change your life

As a new infant, we come into this world with an instantaneous and unconscious download of massive amounts of information from our mother’s and our father’s. We download how our parents feel about each other, how they feel about themselves, how they feel about us and how they feel about the world they live in. This download is necessary as it ensures our bonding with them and our survival in the world. The download, however, is not selective! We download the good along with the bad in all of the above scenarios.

As we move through our childhood many of these downloads become reinforced as a way of thinking and living and turn into our conscious, or oftentimes unconscious, belief system (our resonance). As adults, we have the choice to decide if these belief systems are valuable to us anymore, or if they need to be updated. We can change our minds!

The update can happen through a process called resonance repatterning. Herein, we are able to identify the “structure” of the belief (or resonance) we want to update -- by noticing the feelings, body responses, and thoughts associated with it. Once we know the “structure”, we can change it!

Where in your life do you wish for something to be different? Where do you wish to see change? Is it in your work or finances? How about your physical or mental health? Perhaps it is in your family or friend relationships? When we start to identify what we want instead, we see areas where we could use an update from the downloads provided during our infancy and childhood! These updates, in turn, will change our life!

Are you ready to live a more fulfilling, abundant, prosperous and joyful life? Are you ready to easily and gently shift into a new resonance? We have the capability within our own minds and bodies to heal our minds and bodies. We have the power to transform and transcend our past limiting beliefs and generational patterns. Our past determines who we are today, and our today determines who we are tomorrow. The time is now! Your best journey has just begun!

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