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Transition Gracefully Into Fall

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.”


Have you ever watched, mesmerized, as the leaves begin to fall from the trees? They gently release from their home branch and slowly, gracefully swirl and sway their way down to the ground. Sometimes, they land on a lower branch for a moment, before making their way all the way down.

Have you ever considered a similar transition for yourself during the fall season? A slow, beautiful dance of releasing and letting go?

With the start of school and sports, I feel like this year has definitely not been a beautiful, slow dance. It feels like I have been running around like crazy trying to get all the new activities accomplished, adding in school meetings, sporting events, and more. It’s time for me (and maybe you too) to take a lesson from the leaves.

What are some ways we can easily transition into the beautiful fall season? The season of letting go of what no longer serves us in preparation for the stillness of winter.

Fall season is calling for a time of reflection, soul-searching, thoughtfulness and contemplation.


Below are 5 ways to assimilate the joys of summer and gracefully transition into fall:

  1. Writing. Journal about your three favorite summer memories. Keep it simple, with one memory per month. Spend 10-20 minutes reliving each memory with joy and gratitude. Allow the writing to flow, without structure or judgment. Simply expressing your sincere gratefulness for the memory, the moment and the summer season.

  2. Organizing. Organize the pictures on your phone or download them to the computer into an album titled 2023 Summer Memories. Perhaps you want to print some photos and create a collage of your favorite moments? Taking a few moments to organize now will save you tons of time in the future when you are looking for the name of that favorite camping spot next year.

  3. Decorating. Create a fall aesthetic within your home. Place some yellow and orange faux leaves in vases. Add pumpkins to your countertop and end tables (and maybe fill one with candy corn). Fall colored blankets and pillows are a nice addition to the couch. Replace the summer potted porch flowers with mums or ornamental cabbage.

  4. Opening. Create space. From your closet, to the BBQ, to the camper, to the pool furniture - clean, organize and pack away your summer gear. Donate items that you are ready to let go of or have a garage sale. Place the batteries from toys and motorcycles on chargers and save yourself having to buy new ones in the spring.

  5. Pausing. Pause and find your new flow. New routines have begun for the kids and yourself. Take a few moments to notice where adjustments need to be made in work schedules, cleaning schedules, laundry schedules. Communicate the help you need to your spouse or to a friend. Get the whole family involved in the conversation. Everyone is feeling the transition and many times we need someone to step forward and help us express our feelings with the changes.


How will you take a few moments today or this weekend to transition and embrace the slowed down, graceful dance of fall? Please leave me a comment below!

For many, this is a season where grief can be at the forefront. Would it be supportive for you to have a personalized session to help your transition?



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