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Heather McAbee

Transformational Facilitator
Public Speaker
Workshop and Retreat Leader

I hesitate to even talk or write about the past, because it IS the past... and the beauty of our minds and brains is that we can "create" a new past through the work that I do

The short story of my past is: I grew up in an abusive household until I was 12.  During this time I experienced sexual, physical and emotional abuse. When my parents divorced, our home was quite a bit more calm, yet I still resonated with the effects of the abuse and would even get stomach aches at the same time of day every day - the time that coincided with when my dad would have been coming home from work.  My body was holding the trauma in my unconscious mind and making me physically ill.


Despite my greatest efforts, throughout my life I attracted relationships that were unhealthy for me, some even abusive, and I deflected healthy ones.  I needed to find an end to the cycle and didn't know how.


In my first session of Resonance Repatterning®, I was blown away by how quickly we achieved results and immediately set the goal of learning more and becoming a practitioner.


What I have learned through this work, is the power of the law of attraction, the power of our unconscious thought patterns, feelings, and beliefs, and the power of our minds that can make all of those unhealthy cycles shift and change in a short period of time.


The benefits for myself and my family have been astounding and I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity.


I’m a dedicated practitioner, healer, and teacher and have been involved in this practice since 2014. I love empowering clients to understand the relationship between their bodies and minds, and discover the gentle power and healing available to them within their own beings. As a certified Repatterning Practitioner and EFT Tapping Master Practitioner, I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between western medicine and the “alternatives,” while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal.

Find out more about my program Meeting Yourself Again - Healing from hurt.

I believe that when we take the opportunity to heal ourselves from past hurts, the rest of our lives will fall into alignment. Your weight, your physical health, your finances and your relationships will also benefit from the healing work.


Not only that - it will change the lives of your family members.


My belief is that the more healing we have within family systems, the better place the world will be. You can change the dynamics of the future for your kids and grand kids! 

Discover how to start healing from hurt and mistreatment.

"Heather is an amazing woman and human, incredibly professional, and creates a wonderfully loving and sacred space for healing."


"Heather is an understanding, compassionate instructor. She made me comfortable talking about an uncomfortable subject. I recommend her practice to anyone looking for healing from within themselves. Thank you Heather!" 


"I absolutely love working with Heather!  Heather helps you get a more in-depth understanding of why you are feeling badly, why you stay focused on negatives about yourself and why you stay stuck in that. Those ‘why’s’ might surprise you — coming from a deeper place than you even know."