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Embrace Freedom: Break the Chains of Chaos and Get Unstuck!

Have you ever observed situations where people seem to stay in relationships or life circumstances that don't bring them joy or fulfillment? What do you think might be some common reasons behind this persistence to stay despite feeling undervalued or unhappy?


In your experience, what factors do you believe contribute to people feeling trapped or stagnant in relationships or situations where they're not fulfilled or appreciated? Why do you think some individuals find it challenging to break free from this 'stuckness' even when it brings chaos and heaviness into their lives?


The likelihood is, that since you have landed on this webpage, you have felt one or all of these feelings either currently or in the past. 

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I assist people who have been hurt or mistreated in erasing the beliefs that keep them from love, connection and money so they can live the life they have wished for but never dreamed possible.
Get Unstuck and live the life of your dreams!

What I have noticed is that there are three main reasons why people stay stuck in relationships that are unfulfilling, and life situations where they feel undervalued and unhappy. This “stuckness” makes life feel chaotic and heavy.


To access my free information on why you stay stuck, click below and receive:

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  3. Information on how to Get Unstuck!

Does this sound like you?

After experiencing mistreatment, no matter how recently or how long ago, and no matter what form it took, it is common to experience adverse reactions.  These reactions will be unique to you, but often include feelings of anger, worry, despair and fear.


You may feel like you have lost your sense of self or are grieving for the person you once were.  


You may have completely lost your confidence and feel like you are not enough


Your work may be suffering. You may be struggling to sleep. You may not be eating, or may be overeating.


It can be difficult, or even feel impossible, to trust other people - making it challenging to form friendships and intimate relationships, or to ask for support.


You are not alone.

It is possible to move from feeling unworthy, unlovable, fearful and insecure

to joy, confidence and self-love.


I know, because I have done it. 

Why I am here

Hi, I’m Heather, and I assist people who have been hurt or mistreated in erasing the beliefs that keep them from feeling love, connection and belonging so they can live the life they have wished for but never dreamed possible.


I grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father.  I experienced sexual, physical and emotional abuse as a child and many of those patterns repeated into adulthood.  My marriage was suffering, my health was off the rails, and I was struggling to parent my children in the way I wished, rather than the way I was taught in childhood.  I was depressed, tired, physically ill, angry, bitter, stuck and sad.

 And I was tired of being stuck! 

My Mission

When a co-worker began training in Resonance Repatterning® I was introduced to the work that changed my life. Everyone told me how different I was! But better than that, I felt different.  It was like I had changed from the inside out.  


Today, I am a trauma informed certified Repatterning Practitioner, EFT and TFT Tapping Master Practitioner, Solutions Based Hypnotherapist, with training in muscle testing, and the Magui Block® Method. 

Now, it is my joy to share with you the same techniques I have used to heal from past hurt!  It is my mission to break the chains of generational trauma patterns by creating a safe and nurturing environment for you to heal.

P.S. This stuff works!

"You've had a healing hand in my journey and success. Thank you for all you do!"

-- D.K.

"By the end, I was literally tingling with love and gratitude." 

-- S.A.

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