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Born To Blossom!

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I recently heard someone say they needed to “learn how to love themselves.” This statement struck me as interesting and I thought: Do we actually need to learn how to love ourselves, like we learn how to walk or talk? Or is loving ourselves innate? I think the answer is that it is innate (look at a baby or young toddler, they absolutely believe they are adorable, smart and amazing!). You were Born To Blossom! I also believe that due to traumatic events and belief systems or identities we chose to take on in early childhood, we can lose the drive to love ourselves. Never the innate ability or the capacity, just the drive. Have you lost your drive to love yourself? How does this show up for you? In big ways or small ways? What are the areas in your life and relationships that would improve when you love yourself more? I invite you to explore these in an online repatterning! Simply click the option to invest and you will receive immediate access to the video. Namaste, Heather

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