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Unraveling Body Image and Shame

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Sure, there are plenty of advertisements on TV, social media, magazines that tell us what our bodies should and should not look like. They directly or indirectly tell us our bodies just aren’t good enough. We consciously or unconsciously believe these messages and think “If I don’t look like that, I must not be acceptable.” But, perhaps our beliefs about our body image could be more personal than just the advertisements we see? Have you ever stopped to consider when and where you decided to take on a negative attitude toward your body? * Have you ever considered that your negative body image is unraveling your intimate relationship? * Did you know that a negative body image can unravel your finances and the amount of money you make? * Do you realize your negative self-image has a direct result on how well you do (or do not) take care of your body? Unravel your body image before it unravels you! I invite you to explore this topic through an online guided visualization, a journaling exercise, and a repatterning process. Simply click the option to invest and you will receive immediate access to the entire course. Namaste, Heather

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