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Theresa Headshot.jpg

Theresa Bybee, M.A.

  • Developmental Specialist

  • Mental Health Educator

Shifting Sands is partnering with

Theresa Bybee, Healing Haven, LLC.


Theresa is YOUR compassionate guide,

drawing from personal trials to inspire your healing.

After experiencing complete abandonment following a 24 year marriage to her high school sweetheart, she gathered her broken soul and sought a Bachelor degree in psychology followed by her Masters in Developmental Psychology.


Theresa understands first hand the pain and agony of great loss and trying to make sense of a path she never intended on walking down. Saying goodbye to what she imagined her life to be and learning to dance in the tsunami she found herself in, has brought depth and wisdom

One of Theresa’s motivators to go on was a deep desire to help her own children who were not thriving with what the mental health field has to offer. She has walked alongside her children as they have struggled with suicidality, depression, anxiety, and disordered eating.


Theresa also dove into her own healing and grieving process and gained great freedom through group work and psychotherapy.


Theresa offers a unique perspective into the mental health field

and takes a more holistic approach to depression, anxiety, and trauma. 

Theresa believes in our brain’s capacity to heal and rewire and has experienced this power first-hand!

Embark on this journey of healing with Theresa as she guides you through

your transformative process of growth, one step at a time. 

"I have ... been continually impressed by her professionalism, empathy, and kindness. 


Her compassionate and personalized approach creates a safe and supportive environment for clients." -- T.M.W.

"I have seen her make a significant positive impact in the lives of others, helping them overcome challenges and achieve their goals."

"I personally feel connected to Theresa because of her knowledge and because she’s been through so much herself that identifies with my story. 


I highly recommend Theresa for anyone searching for a great counselor."

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