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Confidence Exercise

Doing Zip-Ups strengthens and energizes your core energy along the line known in Chinese Acupuncture as the Conception Vessel.  If you do the Zip-Ups when you hear or see de-energizing images, sounds, words or actions, it will help you stay energized, centered, calm and confident.  Doing Zip-Ups in stressful situations helps you maintain your center of balance.


How To: 

  • Holding your upward-facing palm - right or left - about one inch in front of your pelvis, move it slowly up the center of your body from your pelvis to your chin, just below the mouth.

  • Avoid moving your hand down your midline - only upward moving.

  • You can do more subtle Zip-Ups in front of your heart, moving your hand just a few inches up the midline.

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