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Pink Blossom
Validation Exercise

The ears are associated with our capacity to hear, and also with physical balance and memory.  What we hear and how others hear us, contributes to our feelings of validation. 


The ears are a reflex to the whole body.  Massaging the ears, circling the ears and pressing into the ear Acupuncture points - several hundred of which are located on or in the ears - will energize and relax the whole body-mind-emotions internal systems, thereby allowing us to feel heard, seen and validated. 


How To:

  • Begin by placing your tongue comfortably on the roof of your mouth.

  • Place your thumb behind your ears and gently place your index fingers on the inside of the ear.  Avoid putting your fingers into the ear canal.  Press into the ear Acupuncture points and circle the ears slowly and gently.

  • Gently stretch the flaps of your ears and pull the edges of your ears, massaging any sensitive points you find.

  • You can work the top of your ears by putting your fingers behind your ears and your thumbs in front and repeating the stretching and pressing into the ear acupuncture points.

  • You can cup your hands over your ears and circle the ears slowly and gently. 

Pink Blossom
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