Session Types

Holistic Healing

Bohemian Girl

Session for Yourself

Natural Healing

With one on one sessions, we find ways to shift the old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your greatest interest.  It has been said that one session of Resonance Repatterning can have effects similar to 6 months of psycho therapy.  Sessions are deep, though led by your comfort level.
One on one sessions are 60 minutes in length.  Investment is $126 per session.

Caring Child

Session for Children

Support Their Well-Being

As parents, we want what is best for our children. If you notice any behavioral changes, irritability, emotional instability, or intense sadness in your child, please book a session for them. Sessions can be held with the child or with the parent sitting in as proxy for them. 
Session length varies, depending on the child and will be 60 minutes max. Investment is $126 per session.

Couple Hugging

Session for Two

Balance Your Relationship

I love to work with 2 family members at a time in resolving issues that come up in close relationships.  Both members of the group will have input in the session, and both will receive insight for how to make their relationship function at an optimal level for the good of both involved. 
A session for two is 90 minutes in length. Investment is $218 per session.

Group Meeting

Group Session

Entrainment For A Better Future

In group resonance repatterning sessions we work with 3 or more individuals - ie., family members, business associates, friends.  We will have one person facilitate for the group with muscle checking, but all members will be given the opportunity for input.  A great way to tune up your household or your business for optimal growth. 
Group sessions are 2 hours in length. Investment is $351 per session.