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What some of my clients have said about this work

I knew our inner thoughts were powerful so I was focused on being aware of what I was 'saying' to myself. What I didn't realize is that I couldn't hear what my subconscious was saying. It encompassed me as a whole and I couldn't find them on my own. I didn't know why I would make such amazing progress only to eventually end up back where I was. I tried so hard. This, this here, has given me real peace and joy again. I can move forward and make REAL progress. Thank you! 



I have been receiving Resonance Repatterning with Heather for over four years now. I continue to be blown away by how each session truly seems divine in alignment and timing with where I am in my life and where I am going. I always walk away feeling inspired, empowered, lighter, more joyful and greater freedom. I also love that she sends me empowering tools specific to each session that I am able to add to my daily care practice, assisting me with continuing the support between sessions. Heather is an amazing woman and human, incredibly professional, and creates a wonderfully loving and sacred space for healing. I recommend her work all of the time - to my loved ones, friends and clients.

Heather’s talent with Resonance Repatterning is nothing short of astounding!  I have experienced amazing breakthroughs and results with the work we have done together. This work has the potential to change lives!



Heather created an extremely safe, loving environment where I felt supported as I worked through past hurts and trauma. I felt extremely safe with Heather as I was guided through releasing old negative beliefs.

Two weeks ago, I was at probably the saddest point of my life.  After our session, it was like something switched in my mind and now I just feel peace and contentment!



I can’t thank you enough for setting me on a path of growth and healing. It’s through your work I was able to confront my fears that had kept me stagnant. I can wade right into the pain of healing because I know I’m never alone.  Thank you again!"

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