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Shifting Your Negative Emotions

Targeted, complete release of negative emotions from your body


    Releasing anger, phobias, unhappiness, worry, and physical pain through Thought Field Therapy tapping. What would it be worth to you, to no longer have a fear of spiders? :) What would it be worth to you to have the tools to quickly and effectively release physical pain and worry? What would change for you if you could remove the anger you have toward a specific person or situation? How would your life be different if you could move from a state of unhappiness to a feeling of joy and gratitude within a few minutes time? This workshop will give you the tools and the skills for all of the above and more, freeing your body-mind system of the weight of carrying these negative emotions when they are not necessary. In this program, we will meet once per week for 5 weeks and will target one of the specific negative emotions listed here each week. P.S. The fear of spiders thing was no joke! I had a client terrified to even see a spider and she now picks them up and puts them outside when they are in her house! Amazing results from using Thought Field Therapy tapping to release blockages in our energetic systems - we don't even need to know the reason or the logic behind the emotional state. Please feel welcome to send me an email with any questions and I look forward with gratitude to serving you through this series!

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    For appointment changes, please reschedule your appointment online or contact me at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged a $63 late cancellation fee.