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Shifting Into Your Ideal Weight

6-week program targeted for your needs


    Struggling with weight or body image is such a frustrating subject for many. There are thousands of weight loss programs out there, so why should you choose this one? Why do you find success in losing weight, only to gain it back? Why do you have a strong motivation to eat healthy and go to the gym for two weeks and then lose momentum? Why do you feel so frustrated, sad, or disgusted about how you look when you are not at your optimal weight? In this one-on-one program, designed specifically for you, we will identify the unconscious patterns that are holding you back from losing weight, not exercising, and not eating healthy. The unconscious answers may surprise you! Once these patterns are identified and brought to your consciousness, you can choose a new pattern to create the healthy lifestyle and body image that you desire! The program is designed for you and I to meet for one hour, 2 times per week, on Zoom, or at my office in Billings, MT. :) The sessions will cater to your specific needs and address your obstacles to maintaining weight loss. I will not put you on a diet program or an exercise routine. However, what you will find, is that as you begin to change the underlying unconscious issues, your attitude to what you eat and how you move your body will begin to shift as well. There will be no getting on the scale after our first session until the end of the program. You will be provided worksheets where you will be able to track your success story from beginning to end and I look forward to hearing your results at the conclusion! You will leave this program feeling lighter (physically and emotionally), freer, and motivated to continue to live the life-style you desire! You will also achieve a new love for yourself and your body, and a new level of confidence! And, you will have the tools to help yourself maintain your ideal body image for the rest of your life! Are you tired of yo-yo-ing on diet programs? Are you ready to look and feel your best? Are you ready to live your healthiest life for you and for your family? I am ready to address your weight issues from a holistic approach of body-mind-spirit and to help you reach and maintain your goals! Please reach out to me with questions and visit my "Client Success" page for real, live results!

    Cancellation Policy

    For appointment changes, please reschedule your appointment online or contact me at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged a $63 late cancellation fee.