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Living With Intention, Part 7

Enjoy a calm, centered winter season

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At the change of each season, and especially during this challenging 2021 year, it is easy for the body-mind to lose its natural balance and often times we become sick.  As we enter the winter season of our water element, we may find ourselves drained of energy and/ or money, feeling overwhelm and/ or anxiety, depleted and/ or exhausted in relationship, physically having dry skin and/ or hair.   At the winter season, it is important to "tune up" our energies, and give our bladder and kidney meridians an extra boost of support. Along with the items listed above, in this online group repatterning, we will address the stagnation of winter and the feeling of being unable to easily flow in our lives, relationships and business.  Resonate with the following (and more!) by participating in this repatterning: *I persevere until I am satisfied *I know where I am going *I access my power and influence others positively *I effortlessly flow around obstacles *I am calm and steady *I face my fears and move into action *I contain what others share with me and maintain confidentiality when this is appropriate or requested of me *I flow around obstacles and keep moving forward, whatever the circumstances *I accept changes and direction in my relationships *I am in touch with my power and use my ambition to be successful in whatever I do The session will be held via Zoom.  Once registered, I will email you a questionnaire and your responses will be included in the session.  Session is FREE for VIP members and $33 for non-VIP. Unable to attend in person?  No problem!  A recording will be made available and you may listen in at your convenience. Come along with me as you complete 2021 and move into 2022 from a heart centered place of coherence!

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