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Living With Intention - New Year New You

Bring a coherent close to 2021 and ignite with your 2022 intentions!

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As we move out of this unusual, unprecedented, and often times tumultuous year of 2021, it will serve us well to shift our perspective views and intentions toward a better, more fulfilling, goal-oriented 2022 year. An intention is an aim you can visualize that gives you a pleasurable feeling, which impels you to go into unhesitating action to manifest your aim. "Intentions you live by determine the kind of person you become, how you relate, how others relate to you, the actions you take, and the outcomes you experience. When you resonate with your intentions, you become receptive to the field of limitless possibilities within yourself that makes all extraordinary change possible. One of the extraordinary outcomes of living with intention is that instead of living your life from the point of view of your problems, you begin to live your life from unending possibilities for growth, health and purpose." --Modified from the words of Chloe F. Wordsworth What are your desires and goals regarding your health, your wealth, and your relationships? How would you like to grow in one or all three areas? In this workshop, I will guide you through the steps of identifying your intention(s), making a plan for action, and I will help you create new neuropathways to make your desires a reality for 2022!

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