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Healing Your Relationship With Money

Release unconscious beliefs so you create more money flow in your life


    Money is neutral and will go where ever it is easiest to flow. Why not make that you? What you think about money, isn't really about money. Childhood traumas, parental examples and attitudes, religious and societal belief systems all play into your money issues in the present. This course will: 1) provide you with insights as to why you feel the way you feel about money 2) establish a new belief system you would like instead 3) create resonance with a path for money to flow easily to you PLUS: *Free access to the Living With Intention 7-part series *Priority booking *One 30 minute follow-up call two months after completion of the program to check your progress and assess where you might need further support This course is for you if: You are ready to take control of your finances You are ready to level up your income You are ready to have ease and flow in your life around money A prerequisite to this program includes worksheets to get clear on where you are and where you want to be, specific exercises targeting your debt, your savings and your income goals, and so much more! Based on my 20 years experience as a Construction Controller, you will receive information and financial worksheets targeted for your needs to keep you on track and organized with your spending plan. Knowing your spending and income, combined with the psychological insights are an enormously winning combination!

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