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Healing Your Family

Intensive healing 1-on-1 workshop


    Healing your invisible family legacy! You were born into an invisible family legacy that you unconsciously inherit from your mother, your father and from your ancestors. This is known as the "family conscience". As you personally grow, you begin to decide which pieces of the legacy fit into your own ideal life. When you remain faithful to the family conscience, you feel like a "good girl/boy". When you decide to break the family conscience, you may feel shame or guilt, and like you are "bad". In this intensive 1-on-1 workshop, we will identify and release non-coherent patterns related to your invisible family legacy and free yourself of the guilt and shame for choosing your own path. Additionally, we will identify and integrate the coherent patterns you now choose to be a part of your life, thereby allowing your family legacy to have another option for all living members and for future generations. We will work with 7 transformations in this workshop doing each transformation 3 separate times: Including the Excluded Balance Between Giving and Taking Taking the Parents Systemic Loyalties Co-dependence Struggle for Power Violence Cycles You have the choice to do 3 per week for 7 weeks, or 4 per week in 6 weeks time. 21 transformations - Investment is $2328.

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