• Heather McAbee

Winter Solstice

While I am not an expert on winter solstice or the equinox, I do feel like I have a fairly good understanding of energy and how it moves.

I took about 6 minutes this morning to mediate with one hand on my heart and one hand open to the sky, breathing deeply and allowing light to filter in through closed eyelids. With my heart open to receiving a new experience for 2021, at exactly 11:22 AM I felt the energy shift, and my soul was filled with a clean, bright, white light. It was intoxicating!

I am ready. I am ready to receive. I am ready to receive, restore and revitalize. I am ready for 2021!

Let's take advantage of this new energy in the new year! Please join me January 4 for a New Year, New You virtual workshop.

What are your desires and goals regarding your health, your wealth, and your relationships? How would you like to grow in one or all three areas? I will guide you through the steps of identifying your intention(s), making a plan for action, and creating new neuropathways to make your desires a reality for 2021!


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