• Heather McAbee

The Shift

When the sand arrives to the beach from the infinite ocean, it is smooth, flowing, constantly shifting with the tides, and form-able. Wind may push grains of sand into a sheltered area or behind an obstacle, forming a dune.

I found this analogy to be relevant with the course of human development. We arrive on this planet open and free, full of love and life (The Ocean). As we grow, we form our thoughts and feelings through our experiences, learned behaviors and generational patterns (The Sandcastle). These thoughts and feelings become our beliefs (The Dunes).

In resonance repatterning, we are able to shift the sand (beliefs) from the stuck dunes. In doing the work, we release sand from the stuck dunes, to the more form-able place on the beach where we can choose to build or rebuild whatever sandcastle we wish. As we continue to clear the negative patterns and beliefs, we eventually open ourselves up to the freedom of the infinite possibilities of the "ocean" once again. A place where we are free, open and full of life!

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