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2019 Intention Challenge

I was invited to a 26/52 Challenge where we will complete the 26 basic repatternings on ourselves in 52 weeks. Resonance Repatterning Practitioners use these 26 repatternings continually with our clients, and it is a requirement that we do them all on ourselves before we are certified as practitioners. In the challenge, we will "tune up" our frequencies to not only committing to the challenge, but also our intention for the year. It has been a couple of years since I have done all 26 repatternings on myself, so this seemed like a great idea for me to commit to a full energy "tune up."

I selected my intention for the 2019 year as follows:

In taking quality time to nourish my body and soul, I am available and attractive to like clients, employees and people who value and appreciate me and what I offer.

I'll be sharing some of the insights and vulnerability from my personal sessions on this blog, in hopes of reaching the hearts of those who are reading.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments, or reach out to me via email at shiftingsands4health@gmail.com.


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